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About Lynda B

Ceramicist Lynda Hassin creates in porcelain, working from her workshop in County Tyrone. After graduating from Cumbria Institute of the Arts in Carlisle with a BA (Hons) in Contemporary Applied Art, she returned home to Northern Ireland and set up Lynda B Jewellery & Ceramics just outside Banbridge, Co. Down. In 2012 she moved her workshop to County Tyrone where she now lives.
Lynda uses handbuilding techniques working with flat slabs of porcelain and formers to create her pieces, adding texture or hand drawing her designs onto the porcelain surface before shaping it. Textiles was an initial area of preference at college before she discovered porcelain and imprinting and so it remains a strong influence on her style. Texture has always been a feature in Lynda's work, often using lace to add imprints. In her most recent ranges she's been exploring other mark making techniques at various stages of her making process. 
Much of the inspiration for Lynda's work comes from personal memories and connections, a little quote she found inspiring, a little moment that captured her attention and imagination. Family is another source of inspiration. Lynda inherited a love of flowers and gardening from her grandmother and this influence is clearly seen in many of her floral themed ranges, especially her 'Dorothy Range' a tribute to her grandmother and her beautiful garden. With two small children Lynda works on a different schedule these days. While this brings its challenges it also encourages a fresh look at things which can often bring unexpected inspiration. One such example is 16-month-old Elsie's 'Treasured Range' this design came as a result of Elsie's fascination with ducks and birds. Her husband has also brought inspiration in quite a literal way, with Lynda stating "I've lost count of how many variations of my husband’s face I've drawn on my beard pots!"
A lot of Lynda's work is personalised pieces and commissions, she enjoys working with customers to create something extra special and personal to them. These have been big and small, often with customers coming to her with a simple idea which then develops and grows.
October 2023 marks seventeen years of business for Lynda B, a lot has changed over that time, but her love of making and her material is as strong as ever.